Friday, December 14, 2007

Going on Hiatus.

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! The day has finally arrived, after months of stressful planning and anxious waiting, I'M FINALLY GOING TO THE HOLY LAND!!! This will be the last official posting for the next 25-26 days, but might pop some posts up during the trip if I manage to find/have the time to get onto the net.

All preparations are finally complete, and will be leaving on tonight on the 2035h flight to Narita via Bangkok. Why the transit flight some may ask, but if you could save S$300 per person using this arrangement, who wouldn't? Having S$300 more to buy MORE anime merchandises is what all otakus/anybody would do.

Hours to the departure, I still have my fears and worries, but there's not much I can do for now but to only pray for the best. No matter what happen (missing luggage, missing cousin/friend), I'm still continuing and determined to make this trip a total success!

It's sad though, having to say goodbye to my weekly dosage of anime episodes for these upcoming 24 days, having to miss my Kotomi going "Nandeyane", or Chiaki going "Bakayarou", or Shana-tan's "Uruchai x3" (SHE NEEDS MORE AIRTIME!!), Haruka onee-sama, Reika-Ojou sama, Amu-chan :D, mass bacteria and many many more!!!! (Tada onna no ko bakari! hehe) Doubt I'll have the time to watch the episodes on TV, as we'll be having early nights and mornings so I'll miss their time slots. I don't even really know which channel they're showing on nor the times.

At the end of this trip, expect to see about S$1,500 to S$2,000 worth of anime goods in my room, and yes I'm going insane. It's not everyday that one would get to go to Japan, unless you stay in Japan itself, so just cut me some slack here. Once I'm back, I'll be sure to take a photograph of all the loot I would have gathered in Japan, and also include all the loots I currently possess since I started my first purchase 3 years ago, though it's mainly magazines (MEGAMI) and manga series, with the occasional music cds. Might throw in a picture of my room too, mainly to showcase (or show-off) my lovely Kotori (from Da Capo) towel hanging just above my bed. It sure is good to have your own personal room, since you can decorate it in whichever way you want, though whenever "normal folks" visit my room they just go o.O??, while fellow anime lovers would bask in the radiance of an anime haven that radiates throughout the room.

Will only be back on 7th Jan08 at around evening time, and hopefully I'll not be lazy and do a post then. Until next time, Signing Out.

Note: It was Cosafe's 1st Anniversary on the 12th Dec night, but due to finishing up on preparations I could not go down to take a look at the cosplay event. Thankfully there's others who did and have coverage of the place, which can be found at bj0rN's site and Zenical's site. And I also just noticed that I'll be missing this year's EOY @ Expo (been attending for the past 2 years), but truthfully I doubt I'll be missing much. Comiket > EOY hands down for sure I believe. Maybe once I finish up NS and go into NTU, would get to know/meet up with other SG animebloggers, or mainly those in the anime scene/community in SG.

Note 2: Ahhhh my MEGAMI and Dengeki Hime January copies didn't reach me in time before I leave for Japan, was so hoping for them to reach first. I feel sad.

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two rich bastards going to japan.. qq