Monday, December 10, 2007

Japan Trip Status Update.

Lack of posts and it's not due to being lazy!! A long needed break today after a weekend of which mainly involves me moving around and never being at home. Having friends coming back/visiting SG all within a span of a few days can be seriously taxing.

I'm more or less set and ready for the Japan trip, only left packing the new clothes that I had bought over the weekend once they're dry. I'm actually lacking in actual lessons (20 2hr lessons of Elementary4 Japanese), no JLPT under my belt, usage of the language in an actual conversation, but with my only comfort being able to understand (70-80%?) of the language when watching raws of JDramas and animes. I'm not sure if this is enough, but that's all I got for this trip. Would like to maybe do a JLPT3 next year and hopefully get a JLPT1 when I finish my University (I'll be entering into NTU next year as a second year student in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Stream, so I should finish by 2011)

Right now while doing this post, whenever I need to think of what to type, I'll just alt+tab and be reconfirming all the train timings using hyperdia. But to make sure they're totally correct, I still intend to buy a rail-timetable when I arrive this Saturday. I just hope that whatever that I had planned stays that way, so my efforts would not go to waste. Doing all of the other final checks too.

First on my shopping list has got to be the catalog for Comiket73, after all it's the biggest highlight for this trip. I've already checked, double-checked, triple-checked the Doujin Circles allocated booths that I have high-priority on, and just praying the amount that I'm setting aside is enough for all the goods I intend to get. Being a first-timer, I'm actually not sure of what I'm supposed to do, besides all the information that I had gathered from other fellow bloggers who had attended Comiket before. I do know that the event starts at 1000h, but is reaching Ariake at around 0900h late? Or should I be even earlier? Sadly there was not much information relating to "what's a good time to start queuing for a earlier entrance". After all I'm S'porean and yes I'm kiasu too. Gotta catch them (doujins) all!! And I've decided not to do a write up on the rest of the shopping list cause it's too long. (Laziness bug strikes again!)

I'm like this now!Hope I don't end up like this lol. Love Kagami-sama + Tsukasa!!
My wallet is surely going to feel lonely too after Comiket.

From reading my posts, I'm sure I give the impression of one who do lots of planning, making sure everything goes as planned. The answer? Yes, I do prefer making sure of everything, after all this is the first time I'm actually doing the planning for a holiday, and the first time I'm going on a trip which will last more than 21 days. This trip spans from 15th Dec to 7th Jan, a grandtotal of 24 days, visiting quite a few cities, Hokkaido (Hakodate, Sapporo, Noboribetsu, Asahikawa, Niseko), Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. I'm totally excited and can't wait to depart this Friday night!!!

Planning for this trip started back in mid-July, after hearing that 3 of my cousins were going Europe for 25 days, and they invited me. However the dates they had chosen was ones that I didn't have enough leave to cover (I'm still doing National Service). I had one more cousin from the group though, who didn't want to go but wanted to travel somewhere else, and he did mentioned something about Japan, and that just triggered the spark in me to plan this trip for him (nah it's mainly for myself!!!). Another friend of mine was also interested, so this trip consists of us 3, and the fact that we're all into anime allows me to make this trip slightly more orientated for anime! Cheers for more trips to Akihabara + 3 days of Comiket!! Even trips to Nakano Broadway, Otome Street (Yes I know it's more for BL stuff but there's Lashinbang nearby, courtesy to Windbell) and Nipponbashi in Osaka. Introduction to the few "Sacred Places" thanks to Lucky Star!! Too bad no Kichijoji and Osu in Nagoya planned for this trip lol.

However, from the experience gained from planning this trip, I don't plan to do another one for quite a while. The amount of stress that builds up when planning which cities to go, how long to spend in each city, how to move to/around the cities, what to do when things goes wrong, accommodations, air tickets..... it just rushes to your brain!! I've had nights where I would have nightmares of the trip, like forgetting the money, missing crucial trains (Night train Tokyo - Aomori and back), forgetting important documents... just mentioning some of the few which I've had. The worries just compounds more and more, but don't intend to mention them in case Calvin kills me for giving him more worries when he reads this post.

The shopping list for the trip just keeps growing by the day, to the point I really doubt the amount that I'm bringing would be sufficient unless I remove the purchase of the lower-priority products which I can surely get back in SG (eg. manga series). But, if all else fails and I decide to burst my budget (which I'm already doing by at least 1.5k SGD), there's always the Credit Card!! I do wonder if there's any UOB ATMs in Japan so that I can withdraw money from them (not sure if I can anyway).

It's funny though. I started this post with the intention to talk about other stuff, but in the end I'm just ranting about my Japan trip so much that I just changed the topic and do one dedicated to it. I really pray and hope everything goes has planned and not like what happened to this post (sudden change). I'll do up another post after this but will only publish it tomorrow, letting you readers to absorb the mass page of text here. Until then signing out!

Note: Thank god for Blogger's draft saving abilities. I thought I lost the whole post when I accidentally clicked the BACK icon. Would have had no intention to redo the whole post lol.

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