Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Further Updates on Japan.

Over the past few days I had been writing a few possible posts for the blog in a small notebook (130 x 90mm), even one that spans about 11 pages long (for those who know how's my handwriting is like would know it's really small so the content is lots), but doesn't seem to be the right time to do a post on it, and I don't think I would be posting it since it's just long. Maybe when I get back from Japan, do some editing to it and then post it up. See how it goes.

Spent the whole day today adding more information into the itinerary, information on how to get to the attractions, reconfirming train timings, choosing the best route to take for minimum waste of time, updating Doujin Circles' booths for Comiket, printing of maps (those which I could find, but not much) for navigation and packing my bags for the trip. 2 x long sleeves shirts and 1 x pants still not dry, but should be ready by tomorrow. Everything else is more or less ready accounted for, including charging of the batteries for cameras (1 DSLR + 1 compact)/handphone/zen vision, separating the yen into multiple piles and kept in different locations and making sure I have the Air Tickets and the 21 days JR Railpass in my bag.

So many things had I wanted to do when in Japan, but couldn't due to time constraint. Would have loved to go on a Lucky☆Star Pilgrimage like Zyl, or actively look for the scenes from Byousoku 5cm like windbell, though I might find some as I'll still be around the Shibuya and Shinjuku area. Oh well, as a consolation, I'll be doing a small "pilgrimage" when I'm in Kyoto, checked the address but not sure how to make my way there, will do my best though!! (Since there's only 3 of us, let's omit Miyuki when taking the photos I guess . Sorry to the Miyuki fans out there!!)I think a few of my friends, and many people out there just can't understand why we otakus exist, and why we go to the extend of visiting "places" related to them. For me, I want to try experiencing the supposed "atmosphere" of just being at a certain location, and relating it to a show one would had loved. And mainly, I CAN'T RESIST CUTE THINGS!! I'll just go KYUU~!! whenever I see something cute and just have the urge to hug it. I love collecting stuff toys and all those cutey items, and anime also vastly contain the cute moe factor that just makes me wanting more. People might say it's an escape from reality, but I think I'm coping just as well in the real world as in the virtual world. Or let's just put it that there's a certain romance in anime that only some people can appreciate.
I do get this once a while when I'm just so into it.
When planning for this trip, I didn't know where I wanted to be to spend the New Year at. To truely experience New Year in Japan, it has got to be going with the crowds and be at a shrine/temple, but the problem was I didn't know which shrine to be at! Eventually I narrowed them down to the Meiji Shrine @ Harajuku, or the Senso-ji @ Asakusa, though would had preferred going down to Kyoto to Kiyomizu-dera Temple, but due to Comiket I'm stuck in Tokyo. I still haven't chose which to go for New Year, will do so when I'm there. Might even choose another shrine in the end who knows? Need one with cute shrine maidens ^^. What started out as a "backpacking" trip, has changed to one which is just like a tour, just without the tour guide. Being a first time planner, and first time going to Japan, I dare not take the risk of "let's hop here and there and see where we end up!" and getting lost, or worse, not having a roof over our head in the middle of winter, and I wanted to go Comiket so badly that the schedule had to work around it. Also including the fact that I wanted to be in Tokyo when it's Christmas, it sure was a hard time to plan with these constraints.

I had also heard that quite a few places also don't allow photo-taking, but being just a trigger-happy person with one, I'll try to find ways to do so. Worse come to worse when they come up to me, there's always this reasoning ^^.Did I ever mention how much I love Lucky Star?? Looking at all the screenshots I'm sure you do now hehe. Signing out ^^.

Note: I'm still not sure whether to pack the "Starfish-shaped Ear Muffs" into my bag cause it's just sooooo cute!! I swear it's Fuuko's influence!! (For those who don't know who's Fuuko, go watch Clannad. ^^)


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