Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Odex pwned.

A quick update on the issue over Odex vs Pacnet and the fate of the downloaders. Just read it on the first page of The Straits Times, and it seems that Odex has no right to the IP information, however Pacnet will have to submit the names directly to the anime studios. Whether the anime studios choose to pursuit the case is entirely up to them, but due to the amount of money involved in overseas lawsuits, I assume that they wouldn't. Overall I find that it's pretty much a fair verdict, but most of all I'm smiling at the fact that Odex got owned as they got to pay the cost of Pacnet legal fees of S$20,000, so take that!! But I guess they still made a profit from blackmailing those they managed to get information of, and hopefully they'll just fold and that's it. Okay back to doing the photos for the next post.

Link to online Straits Times version of report here.

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Anonymous said...

If u love anime so much, stop downloading cuz it's killing the industry!