Monday, August 11, 2008

Extended Period of Hiatus.

I'll like to say sorry first for re-extending my period of hiatus once again, as some school work and miscellaneous work has took up my entire weekend. But I'll like to thank everyone for all their support in my previous post's comments and tagboard too, I really appreciate it very much.

My Hall's Freshmen Orientation Camp group photo when we're @ Downtown East. Stolen from one of the group leader's facebook account photo album lol.
I did mentioned before that I was planning to make a wind chime with the 99 cranes, but due to too high a risk for experimenting on (I already did quite alot of different variations on how to do it), I decided to just leave it as 99 cranes stringed together. Total time taken to build: 2 days on-off free time of folding the cranes; 2 nights + 1 morning to do the stringing. Can't really see in the picture, but there's a small silver bead in between every crane too.

I really wished I could have done it better, and if given more time (and resources + equipment) I believe I could have. It's slightly unbalance, but it's still holding up so I guess it's fine? There's also the worry of the strings getting "untied" and it falls apart.... Oh well guess that's the best I can muster with that little time. As for the parts for the wind chime section, I think I'll save it for next time, maybe another gift lol. Either way, what do you guys think about it?

Sadly, I have yet to make the card too, so that will take more time too (still unsure about the design); and there's also my school work/tutorial/revisions to do.... yea you should know I really can't find the time to blog properly now LOL. I don't even have time to read blogs!!! -.-" Anyway, time for me to start doing some tutorials now and also pack my bags as I'm heading back to hall tonight, so until next time. Ciao!


gordon said...

the wind chime looks wonderful.

pprrffnnn said...

what about the girl?

Anonymous Coward said...


how about more photos of it!

hehe... interesting!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

gordon: Sadly, it's not a wind chime. Still it looks great ^^.

pprrffnnn: huh? rephrase the question don't get you.

anon coward: I'll try to get more photos soon ^^.

Dawn said...
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Mizunaga said...

Wind chime looking good! Forgive me if I missed it, but why did you make the 99 cranes?

I think what pprrffnnn means is, "What about the girl you mentioned you like?"

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Rin said...

Hope you be back soon!!!!!!!!