Friday, September 12, 2008

Caught up in the Moment.

So I thought I would had more time once past the elections, and boy was that assumption so wrong. After being thrown so much rubbish jobs to do (I'm still working on 3 posters and certificates for 31 people this weekend), and at the same time trying to prepare for my CA (tests that carries 20% of my total score for their respective modules) next week, which I HAD NOT started studying due to workload, I can say I'm more or less screwed. Nevertheless I'm taking a short break and doing this quick post.
I'm not sure how many of you had watched the movie Koizora (Sky of Love) before, but I did managed to catch it when I was returning from Japan on the A380, though I'm missed the ending of the movie when the damn Jet flew too fast back to SG. Anyway, for the past 1-2hours or so, I've been listening to just one song on eternal repeat track, and god I'm simply in love with the song! Why didn't I noticed this song earlier? It was the theme song for the movie!

Yui Aragaki - Heavenly Days ~ Koizora [Sky of Love] OST

A sweet voice by Yui Aragaki and such meaningful lyrics makes this song simply wonderful. And if you did watch the movie and try to relate them, it just brings tears to one's eyes. Usually when watching Japanese movies, it is more or less the same plots being played around with slight changes, but it's still capable of just capturing your heart and without knowing you'll be so engrossed into the story and feel for the characters... does anyone else feel the same as me? I'm such a sucker for love stories especially -.-"

Either way, this post was mainly just to say that I'm alive and to share the lovely song to everyone. So enjoy the song for now as I head back to studying for my CA. Ciao!

P.S: I need to get hold of the movie (tempted to buy the DVD)... I want to watch it again! Especially the ending part! And for those who wants the mp3 of the song, it's here Enjoy!

P.S II: For those who're interested in knowing what's going on between me and the girl now... Nothing. Just nothing...

Edited: Just remembered that I wanted to put this in but I had forgotten to. A simple question: How far are you willing to go for the person you love? And how much effort would you put in in coming up with new things to make things interesting? And would you sacrifice your own interests and hobbies (if needed) just to be with him/her? Even your dreams?


Tiny Red Man said...

Do not watch the Drama! It's a FAIL-ASS version.

liz said...

Well, maybe you guessed what I'm going to say already, since we've talked about lots of stuff around this before, lol. But basically, I think that the person you choose to love should be someone who suits you, understands you, and chooses to loves you back for who you are. If that is the case as it should be, then you should not have to sacrifice your dreams/interests/hobbies, and you wouldn't need to put in special effort for the time between the both of you to feel special or interesting, since just being together is so much already. I know, I know, I'm sounding so optimistic and naive, but I honestly still believe in this (and I think you do too, to some extent, no?)

Am struggling with your first question myself, as to how far I'd go. I don't think it's something you know until you decide to do it, when the chance is right and your gut feeling just tells you that it's the rightest thing in the world you can do at that time.

Also, can we please meet up sometime? It's confirmed - I will be leaving in 10 weeks to fly across the world, and I'll be away for 5 weeks, so won't get to spend the typical holidays with you guys!

Kawasumi Hirito said...

TRM: Really? point noted. But I really loved the movie.

liz: Wah long entry! But yea like you said I think that way too to a certain degree. But sometimes it's just not possible to maintain everything as per usual, some sacrifices might have to be made.

Wow 5 weeks holiday?? *Green with envy*. I see if we can arrange an outing the weekend after this coming week, after all it'll be our recess week (at least for the 3 of us lol).