Sunday, November 18, 2007

Officially Back

Initially i wanted to have another web hosting for my new blog, but unable to find one. As you can see i have done away the fanciful web design and chose a pre-made template. This will be my new official site, but i have archived the old site on another address, which you can access at, in the event that visitors might want to view my old posts.

This new blog will no longer be on day to day ranting, but i plan to incorporate various posts on some hobbies of mine, such as on anime, manga, photography, diving etc. Let's hope this will be way more interesting than my last blog, and i'm sure it will be.

An actual post will be made soon, as i'm still planning on what my first article would be on, but i guess most likely it'll be on photos on our new Changi Airport Terminal 3, which i intend to visit tomorrow to get some pictures once i'm done at Singtel, changing my SIM card for 3G accessibility, in preparation for my upcoming Japan trip.

Another note is, i have done away with the Tagboard, i don't see much function in that besides random ranting. Instead, if anyone have a comment or a rant please make use of the comments function at the bottom of each post. It'll be so much easier to keep a record of what has been discussed about.

I intend to have at least 2 posts up per week, depending on my schedule and free time available to me. And i would love to have my readers (if any) to actively participate in this blog through the comments function.

Hope that everyone would enjoy your stay (or reading) of this blog. Thank you. ^^


pprrffnnn said...

wahuwhauhawuauha hello hello.


Calv said...

we want tagboard!

Hirito said...

Sorry to those who had trouble posting comments, apparently I didn't change the configuration for the comment system. It should work fine for now, but if there are any other problems which I am unable to foresee from my side please kindly inform me so I can work on it.

The site is slowly being tweaked, and I hope everyone would give me comments on how to improve the structure of this blog.

And as I can see there are SOME who are requesting for a return of the tagboard. I shall see if I can work around that so please bear with me for the moment. ^^

pprrffnnn said...

who had trouble posting comments? lol.

and calv. don't be lazy too. your blog died like 2 years ago. RM THANKS.

Hirito said...

Well... Apparently i forgot to change the comment settings to allow anyone to post a comment. It was then set at only registered users are able to post.

And yes calv remake your blog! Maybe showcase some of your artworks. ^^

calv said...

lazy la, maybe i do something like dan photo blog once we get back from jpn?

jared said...

p.s, word verification is a bitch